шопениана Имперский Русский Балет

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Frederic Chopin (1810-1849)
Orchestrated by Alexander Glazunov
Choreography – Michel Fokine
Choreographer Michel Fokine entered the history of Russian and world ballet as a great experimenter, who gave some new expressiveness to the art of dance.
Among the distinctive features of Fokine’s creativity is the creation of the ballets to non-ballet music. One of such performances was the “Les Sylphides/Chopiniana”, staged in 1909 to F.Chopin’s music and orchestrated by Alexander Glazunov.
The performance has no plot, but it is full of emotions. In his performance, Fokine revives the images of romantic ballet of the XIX century, catching the mood of reverie and light melancholy, a state on the verge of dream and reality of a young poet turned out to be in the world of sylphides.
Thanks to the choreographer’s skills, Chopin’s charming music becomes visible.